The producer of Medicoir growing media, a coco fibre substate specifically developed for the medicinal cannabis market, has launched a product for the propagation of young cannabis plants.

Medicoir Propagation” is a fully washed and buffered 100% coir growing media. The washing and buffering remove the unwanted salts that occur naturally in coir fibre and offers increased calcium levels so that the young plants can get the best start. Production is done using smaller particle sizes to give a higher water content, so that the young roots have easy access to nutrients, encouraging strong growth from the very beginning.

The mix is available as the popular grow cubes, or also in bulk format. The grow cubes come surrounded in a degradable mesh that can be placed on top of the growing media to be used for production, such as OTC’s or lay flat grow bags, allowing the roots to grow out of the cube and into the coir substrate below when they are mature enough.

Grow cubes for cannabis crops are available in a range of sizes to suit individual needs. They minimise transplant shock and promote more rapid and dense rooting, while presenting no disposal problems.

Both grow cubes and propagation mix in bulk format come compressed for ease of transport, storage, and handling.