what is cocopeat and HOW WE PRODUCE IT

About Cocopeat

What is cocopeat

Cocopeat (also known as coir, coir fibre or coconut fibre) is a natural growing media made from the husk of a coconut.

The coconuts themselves are used primarily for the food and cosmetics industries, the long fibres from the husks are used to make ropes and brushes among many other things, and the coir pith and shorter fibres are the bi-products that we use to make our products.

Cocopeat is a great sustainable alternative to other growing media and has excellent absorption properties so it can hold nutrients very well.

After production, the product is compressed into the required size and packaged ready for transport. On arrival at the final site, the grower can simply lay the compressed and dried products out and then rehydrate in-situ, avoiding the process and cost of moving wet cocopeat.

Hydrated coir fiber blend

What is buffering

The process that we call “buffering” involves soaking the washed coir pith in a calcium nitrate solution before flushing again with fresh water.

This gives a mix that has the unwanted salts (Na, Cl, K, Bo) removed, which if left in the substrate can be detrimental to young cannabis plants.

One of the main benefits of doing this in production, rather than on farm, is that growers can have peace of mind that all the particles are buffered equally across their growing area. When done on farm via the irrigation system, there can be a risk that small parts of a bag or sector are not buffered the same as the surrounding, resulting in uneven plant growth.

Medicoir Buffering Process

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