Professional Coir Solutions for medicinal Cannabis Growers

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Professional coir solutions and cocopeat mixes for the medicinal cannabis industry. Optimal growing media products designed specifically for your requirements, your systems and your crop.

What is Medicoir

Medicoir is a professional coir growing media for medicinal cannabis cultivation designed by experts in the coir industry.

With over a decade of producing exceptional quality coir fibre products for the commercial fruit and vegetable industry on a global scale, the producers of Medicoir have the experience and knowledge needed to manufacture the best coir fiber blend for the cannabis industry.

Furthermore, our own production facility in Sri Lanka gives us full control over the production process, so not only do we have full traceability but we also have the ability and expertise to make coir products designed specifically for your requirements, your systems and your crop.

Bulk cocopeat, bulk coir by Medicoir
Operator manipulating the coir mixture

At Medicoir we take our commitments to the planet and its people very seriously, and believe that we all need to play our part in creating a sustainable future.

We have a team in place to make sure that each aspect of making coir substrate is taking our local environment and community into consideration every step of the way.

Throughout the supply chain we want to work with like-minded businesses and will only work with suppliers who can demonstrate a similar commitment to sustainability and ethical responsibility.

The optimal coir fiber blend for medicinal cannabis growers

Cocopeat products

Our aim is to supply top quality, sustainable and professional coir solutions, providing growers with peace of mind and giving cannabis plants the best environment for healthy root growth and productivity.

  We offer a wide range of products to suit a variety of different systems. We make all our products to your requirements so they exactly suit your needs.

  All Medicoir products are dried and compressed in production so are easy to store, transport and hydrate.

  Plastic is available either recyclable or bio-degradable, and holes can be pre-cut at no additional cost.

Open Top Container, professional coir solutions

Open Top Containers

Also known as OTC’s, these are the most popular system used by professional cannabis growers.

Our organic blend available now!

About OTC’s

Lay-Flat Bag by Medicoir, professional coir solutions

Lay-flat Bags

The lower height gives more stability and the option to have more than one plant in the same growing media.

Our organic blend available now!

About Lay-Flat Bags

Bulk of cocopeat mix, professional coir solutions

Bulk Products

For rigid growing containers or for growers who want to mix their own growing media.

Our organic blend available now!

About Bulk Products

Grow cubes for cannabis cultivation, professional coir solutions

Grow Cubes

Biodegradable mesh allows the young roots to penetrate into the growing media below.

Our organic blend available now!

About Grow Cubes

Working with organic products to keep our world cleaner

Cocopeat mixes

Medicoir Premium


Our top quality coir mix designed for cannabis plants. For growers looking for a free draining coir substrate for precision growing.

Medicoir Classic

A balanced

Medicoir Premium offers an optimum balance between water holding capacity and air space in the growing media.

Medicoir Organic


For the environmentally conscious grower our organic mix ticks all the boxes.

*Certified by OMRI: 

OMRI Listed for organic use

Medicoir Propagation

For young

Designed to encourage healthy root growth in young plants from the beginning.

* Personalised orders are available to suit your particular needs, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cocopeat solutions for cannabis growers

Cocopeat (also know as coir, coir fibre or coconut fibre) is a natural growing media made from the outer husk of a coconut. It is processed into different particle sizes and fibres that are then mixed together to make the final product.


Coir manufacturing process

The process that we call “buffering” involves soaking the washed coir pith in a calcium nitrate solution before flushing again with fresh water.


Medicoir cocopeat factory in Sri Lanka

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