About Us

Medicoir is backed by a well-established global substrate manufacturer with 15 years dedicated to producing professional coir growing media for the commercial soft fruit and vegetable markets.

Using this experience, at Medicoir we aim to bring high quality, innovative coir substrate solutions to the commercial cannabis industry. Understanding that every grower is different, we work with cannabis consultants and individual growers to provide customized products and service that are tailored to suit specific requirements.

Having our own production facilities in Sri Lanka and India means that we are in a position to monitor all aspects of quality control, and give growers a consistently dependable coir substrate to work with. Our state-of-the-art washing and buffering facilities, as well as advanced sieving technology, means that we can produce a growing media that is well washed and buffered and offers optimum drainage, to avoid buildup of salts and help growers manage an effective irrigation strategy.

Sustainability is also an important part of our operation. Our manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO standards for ethical and environmentally friendly practices as well as quality management systems. Our 100% organic range is OMRI certified and can be supplied with bio-degradable plastic, giving growers an organic option for growing cannabis crops.

Our goal is to provide coir substrate products of the highest quality which promote healthy root growth and high yielding cannabis plants, whilst giving growers peace of mind with reliable quality and exceptional after sales support.

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