Medicoir, the producers of cocopeat products for cannabis cultivation, have launched a new product: Medicoir Premium.

Medicoir Premium is a step above the rest. The difference with this coco fibre product is the inclusion of small pith cubes, that easily absorb nutrients and offer exceptional draining qualities for growers looking to grow with precision. The cubes mean that the product has a very stable structure, fast hydration and effective uptake of nutrients from the feed. The additional porosity in the substrate created by the cubes means that the growing media is very well draining and helps growers avoid a build up of salts which could be damaging for the crop.

Using Medicoir Premium for precision growing will aid cannabis growers in optimising their irrigation strategies and get the most out of each plant with improved yielding.

After production, the product is compressed into the required size and packaged ready for transport. On arrival at the final site, the grower can simply lay the compressed and dried products out and then rehydrate in-situ, avoiding the time and cost of moving wet cocopeat.

Our goal is to provide coir fibre products of the highest quality which promote healthy root growth and high yielding plants.