Medicoir is a brand born out of a global substrate producer, with manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and India. With over a decade dedicated to high quality coir fibre growing media for the commercial soft fruit and salad markets, the producers of Medicoir have the experience, knowledge and connections to provide a top-quality coco coir substrate, and tailored service, to medicinal cannabis growers. Cocopeat is a great sustainable and natural alternative to other growing media and has excellent absorption properties so it can hold nutrients very well.

We understand that every grower is different and that is why we offer customised solutions that suit individual requirements. We have the facilities to wash and buffer our cocopeat products to a high standard so that young cannabis plants are given the best possible start. Using sieving technology, we remove all of the fine dust particles to give a growing media that is well-draining to avoid build-up of salts and help growers manage an effective irrigation strategy.

After production, the product is compressed into the required size and packaged ready for transport. On arrival at the final site, the grower can simply lay the compressed and dried products out and then rehydrate in-situ, avoiding the time and cost of moving wet cocopeat.

Our goal is to provide coir fibre products of the highest quality which promote healthy root growth and high yielding plants.